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Our purpose is to create books that last. We're named for the Greek island of Skopelos, the 'blue and green' island, famous in ancient times for wine and shipbuilding. Like our namesake, we take inspiration from the blue sky of the imagination - and the practical requirements of the green earth.

Pascal Dennis

Pascal Dennis

Pascal Dennis is a professional engineer, author, and President of Lean Pathways, an international consultancy. He developed his management skills at Toyota and has worked with leading senseis in North America and Japan. He grew up in a Greek restaurant in downtown Toronto, The Imperial Grill, which often figures in his books.

Winner of four Shingo Prizes for Excellence, Pascal is the author of Lean Production Simplified, Andy & Me, Getting the Right Things Done, and The Remedy.

Pascal studied Aikido for fifteen years and was an instructor at Toronto Aikikai. He plays guitar & piano and has been a member of several dreadful bands. He lives in Toronto with his wife, Pamela, and three children.

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Reflections of a Business Nomad
Reflections of a Business Nomad

Pascal's latest book now available!

At Home in the Woods
Pineapple Fun

Come see who makes their home in this unique woodland habitat.

Lean Production Simplified, 3rd Ed.

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