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Our purpose is to create books that last. We're named for the Greek island of Skopelos, the 'blue and green' island, famous in ancient times for wine and shipbuilding. Like our namesake, we take inspiration from the blue sky of the imagination - and the practical requirements of the green earth.

We are affiliated with Lean Pathways Inc., an international consultancy that helps progressive organizations implement the Lean Business System for breakthrough performance. 'Lean' has been called the 'world's most powerful business system', and was initially deployed in manufacturing operations. In past decade Lean thinking has developed deep roots in areas as diverse as health care, financial services, the process and service industries and education.

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Our Mission

We seek to: Educate, Entertain & Inspire. We believe that books can provide comfort, laughter and hope in difficult times. We publish business books, as well as, non-fiction and children's books.

Our Values

The Cardinal Virtues: Temperance, Prudence, Justice, Courage

Honesty: Don't Lie, Don't Cheat, Don't Steal

Adversity: Don't Whine, Don't Complain, Don't Make Excuses

Performance: Be Prepared, Live in the Moment, Create the Best Possible Book

Personal Conduct: Be Kind, Be Generous, Be Wise

Recent Projects

Here are our latest releases.

NEW! - At Home in the Woods

The woods…a beautiful place where flowers and trees grow and a variety of animals make their home. 
Who lives there?
Come see who makes their home in this unique woodland habitat.
With delightful illustrations and a rich vocabulary, At Home in the Woods is entertaining for young readers and a great way to encourage discussion and further learning.

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Once Upon a Pineapple

A magical collection of over 50 poems in which a child’s imagination can run free.

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Reflections of a Business Nomad

A twelve year travelogue from the award-winning author & management consultant.

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Pineapple Fun - A Counting Rhyme

Filled with engaging illustrations and perfectly sized for young hands, this fun and witty rhyme introduces children to counting.

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Reflections of a Business Nomad
Reflections of a Business Nomad

Pascal's latest book now available!

At Home in the Woods
Pineapple Fun

Come see who makes their home in this unique woodland habitat.

Lean Production Simplified, 3rd Ed.

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