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Reflections of a Business Nomad, has received a lot of press lately. Here are links to relevant articles.



New Book by Management Consultant Pascal Dennis Brings a Fresh Perspective to Global Business Travel

From PRWeb, Online Visability with Vocus

...a free-verse journal for business travelers which affirms that there is always time to connect with people. The stories take the reader on a journey of self-discovery and ultimately lead to a greater appreciation for life. Read more



Book Review: Reflections of A Business Nomad

By Tim McMahon, A Lean Journey

Pascal’s Reflections of a Business Nomad is an enjoyable, thought provoking book challenging the reader reflect and learn from the world around us and our experiences.  It illustrates how learning from the human spirit and condition results in greater personal fulfillment and better businesses. Read more



Reflections of a Business Nomad: stories and poems from the Road

By Fran Lewis, Just Reviews

Open your eyes, heart and mind to the beauty of the world and the people, culture, wonders and surprises and learn about humanity and maybe become not just more enlightened but a more tolerant and understanding person whose life will be enriched by these new experiences. Read more




The Poet Laureate of Traveling Consultants

By Venessa Wong, BusinessWeek

...a collection of musings about everything from flight delays and meetings to conversations with cabdrivers, often peppered with historical and philosophical references, such as Virgil and Epictetus. Read more




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Reflections of a Business Nomad
Reflections of a Business Nomad

Pascal's latest book now available!

At Home in the Woods
Pineapple Fun

Come see who makes their home in this unique woodland habitat.

Lean Production Simplified, 3rd Ed.

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