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We seek to create children's literature that educates, entertains and inspires. Math and literacy through poetry and images is a special focus. Our kids’ books are written with the child, parent and teacher in mind and are based on more than two decades of practical experience in the classroom.

A little boy wants to have a party.

All of a sudden pineapple people begin to arrive!

I wanted a party - So who to invite?

Come meet the guests

For a bash just right!

Have "pineapple fun" as you count along.


NEW! - At Home in the Woods

The woods…a beautiful place where flowers and trees grow and a variety of animals make their home. Who lives there?
Come see who makes their home in this unique woodland habitat. With delightful illustrations and a rich vocabulary, At Home in the Woods is entertaining for young readers and a great way to encourage discussion and further learning.

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Once Upon A Pineapple

A magical collection of over 50 poems in which a child’s imagination can run free. Ideal for reading aloud or for beginning readers to discover alone, these poems take you to a place magical and spark a love of poetry. The engaging rhymes and delightful illustrations will ensure this collection is pulled off the shelf for years to come.

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Pineapple Fun - A Counting Rhyme

This fun and silly counting rhyme supports learning the numbers 1 to 10. Repeated readings and using prompts that encourage little learners to chime in, will soon have them counting to ten and understanding the 'one to one' concept. A great resource that develops counting and number recognition skills.

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Reflections of a Business Nomad
Reflections of a Business Nomad

Pascal's latest book now available!

At Home in the Woods
Pineapple Fun

Come see who makes their home in this unique woodland habitat.

Lean Production Simplified, 3rd Ed.

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