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Our clients comment on Pascal's latest book, Reflections of a Business Nomad.

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Acme Alliance, LLC

Pascal flattered me by asking for a review of his latest effort.  Pascal actually did what so many road warriors say they intend to do – document observations of the human condition.   This, of course, is what separates Pascal from your average traveler.  His musings are evocative and make the reader identify with similar, yet undocumented annotations.  As is his knack, Pascal makes us think and stirs emotion.

The passages contained herein are part poetry, part reflection and all heartfelt.  The passages are easy to read, but a second reading reveals the insight that Pascal can reduce to words.  Take a break from the Lean train and enjoy these wonderful insights.

Matthew Lovejoy, President & CEO

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Systems Control

A different and somewhat unexpected twist from a well respected Lean Sensei. Anyone who regularly travels for business learns to deal with unexpected twists and turns in everything from schedules, appointments and most of all the people they encounter. In “Reflections of a Business Nomad” Pascal captures all of these and more with his entertaining stories and poems. And at the same time, he challenges the reader to not only enjoy the humor and wit of his storytelling, but to reflect and learn from them as well. And that’s what Pascal does best, “teach through his stories”...

Steve Pontbriand, President

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Kimberly-Clark Corporation

Pascal's knack for connecting life and learning, through effective storytelling, has yet again been underscored in this interesting, entertaining and insightful work.

For most, travel is viewed as a necessary evil - it is destination rather than the journey which commands our focus. Not so for Pascal. In this delightful work, he yet again raises the bar and shares some insightful lessons of life, human nature and the best and worst in all of us.

Dave Faddis, Senior Executive




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Reflections of a Business Nomad
Reflections of a Business Nomad

Pascal's latest book now available!

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